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Though the number of businesses and individuals storing data in electronic or digital form has increased significantly, the risks involved have also proportionally increased. Technology in India is very elitist, with people, especially women, and small business owners who are not well connected systematically denied information and exploited in the worst possible manner, despite spending huge amounts with Indian internet companies. It is difficult to open even a word or spreadsheet program on a laptop, due to abuse of power by powerful officials.

Hence small business owners who realize that their confidential business information is stolen or leaked without their permission or knowledge by local intelligence agencies or NSA, are often reducing the amount of important data stored in digital format on their laptop or computers. It is creepy how a stranger sitting far away can damage multiple laptops of a small business owner, without ever being held accountable. Men in technology are obsessed and infatuated with young women , their girlfriends, who get credit without doing any kind of work, hacking the laptops and other electronic devices using very expensive equipment and wasting tax payer money. These men will also attack the business owner with expensive directed energy weapons, ruining the health, causing insomnia, memory loss.

No small business owner, especially someone subjected to a very hostile takeover attempt will want their rivals or competitors to access the financial information, and would like to keep it confidential to the maximum extent possible. Keeping handwritten accounting and book keeping records is the most secure way of keeping the business information confidential. If these unscrupulous rivals break into the premises for accessing the date, a police case can always be filed for trespassing, which is not possible for digital data..

We offer 100% manual book keeping/accounts, finalization of accounts for small business owners who wish to keep their records confidential. For more details send an email to or or use the contact form

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