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As the number of brands and retail stores increases in India, many of them have franchises or stores in smaller cities, where it may be difficult to monitor the quality of the service being offered, but can affect the brand reputation. Hence brands and retailers are hiring the services of mystery shopping companies to monitor their retail outlets. A few of the mystery shopping firms are listed here for reference and for those interested in earning extra money in their free time.

You have to visit a particular restaurant, retail brand or cinema hall and observe cleanliness(up keep) of the place, the nature of staff there, quality of the products without letting the staff know you are there to observe them. Then you have to report the findings to us online (We will share the format with you).
You can work with us whenever it would be comfortable for you. The work hours are flexible. Whenever we have an assignment in your city you will be notified about it. The details about the assignment (the kind of work, fee, location) will be shared with you and incase you are interested you can apply for it. The payments are made within 45 working days after you submit the report. You need to register with us a new evaluator (Bare International) and then you can apply and perform the mystery visits in the locations which you are interested. It would be helpful if you can share with us your contact number so that we can call and explain you the concept and the process of Mystery Audit. Send us your details at bchandra(at)bareinternationaldotcom
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