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Many crafting jobs where you pay for a kit are scams. Based on feedback posted  in various forums, some of the legitimate crafting work at home jobs are listed.

Tiny Details - assemble and sell dollhouse miniatures, open only to residents of  United States.  Beginners have to order a starting kit and pay a deposit of US$55. The deposit is refunded when the work is completed is as per the quality specifications. 

The work has to be completed and returned within 60 days of  dispatch of  materials. Like other work at home crafting and assembly jobs, users have reported a high rejection rate. Payment is by check and is sent 1-2 days after the work passes the quality check

Since miniatures are 1/12th the size of originals, good eyesight is required. Since many of the products are made from paper by folding and gluing them, a steady hand is required. The kits are sent within 1 to 3 business days after placing the order. Kits usually contain some extra material to cover for mistakes. Assembled products are sold by Tiny Details to their distributors and retailers.

Capital Crafts   - get paid for assembling beaded earrings. Starter kit costs US$50 and they offer a money back guarantee. They paid $6 for every completed pair of earrings. Assembly of  the earrings can be fairly complicated. So it is advisable to make similar earring using material   from a local craft store, before  ordering a kit.

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My Prayer Rug - get paid for latch hooking rugs. Payment is through PayPal depending on the size of  the rug. Registration fee paid includes the cost of  supplies. Pay is between $20 to $40 per rug depending on the size. The work is offered to independent contractors. They also have an affiliate program.

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Recycled Paper Greetings - accepts cards from freelance artists. Actual card should be submitted for approval. They add 3000 new  designs per week

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