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Many people who will to start a small work at home business usually spend some time searching for grants. However,  there are very few grants available for small businesses and mostly available for certain sectors only. Usually grant money will fund only part of any project, the rest of  the money will have to be obtained from other sources.

While the government usually provides grants to organizations which work to improve the economy or the condition of  underprivileged people. Some of the categories in which grants are available are:

1. Research projects for developing new techniques or products, usually to educational institutions.

2. Environmental projects to reduce pollution, increase use of  alternative energy sources like solar energy, biodiesel . Farming and agriculture related projects also receive funding

3.Increasing employment, helping disabled persons, minority communities and other non-profit organizations.

  To get a grant, a formal written proposal has to be made , which provides detailed information about your project and why it needs the money. A lot of documentation is required - mission statement, goals, programs and partnerships. There are many grant writers who provide  this service. Your proposal will be scrutinized by a committee, who may require additional information. For most grants, a large number of proposals are received.

 If selected, the grant money will usually be disbursed in stages, depending on whether preset targets are met. The organization providing the grant money may require detailed accounts of how the money is spent.

Resources for getting government grants:

Research and Community non-profit:

College Aid:
Disaster aid:


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