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For direct mail campaigns, preprinted or labeled mails are easily identified as junk mail. They are thrown out, without opening and have a response rate of  less than 5%. When the information on the envelope is handwritten ,  the response rate is much higher since people open the envelope. Many companies employ people working at home to handwrite addresses on the envelope. Since the material has to be picked up and dropped off, local vendors are preferred.

Aria's Communications  - writers should have a legible cursive handwriting . Company provides initial onsite training (at St. Cloud, MN) for 20 hours, then employees can work from home. There is a daily pickup and drop-off of  handwriting work. Pay depends on the amount of work completed.

Write On Results  - looking for individuals with a neat handwriting  for handwritten direct mail projects. Should be able to pick up and drop off  material at the companies office in Frederick, MD . Online form can be filled on the website or contacted though email / phone

DNR Group, Inc - provides handwritten direct mail services, one of the largest companies


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