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Due to the extremely high levels of CORRUPTION, BRIBERY in the indian internet sector, there are many other fraud government employees like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, asmita patel, ruchika kinge, indore robber deepika, maria who are also falsely claiming to own the website, though they do not pay any money for domains, and do not do any computer work.

Lawyers have confirmed that R&AW/cbi employees are CYBERCRIMINALS ROBBING the data of the domain investor, to get monthly raw/cbi salaries only for making fake claims, allegedly with the help of google, tata, to help these fraud tech and internet companies save money in paying call girl fees, bribes to top officials. Indicating the lack of honesty, humanity in the indian internet sector, the RAW/CBI employees are not questioned about their cybercrime
In 2005 this webmaster had started a website on pc work at home, for pc work at home jobs. Unfortunately due to the nepotism and corruption, a master conwoman and fraud named siddhi mandrekar, , from a very powerful family, has allegedly managed to dupe and/or seduce all the powerful officials in the Indian internet industry to support her in stealing the identity of the webmaster.

Siddhi mandrekar, looks like kim kardashian, is a medical electronics diploma holder from a no name college, with no work experience online, but with the support of her greedy relative has allegedly managed to con a very powerful official in the internet industry in India into giving her fake references of experience of twenty years, which this webmaster really has, to appoint the conwoman siddhi mandrekar in a very important position in indian intelligence agencies like ntro, raw, cbi or military intelligence. Though the most powerful men and internet companies in India, including CEOs are making false claims promoting this lazy dishonest young woman siddhi mandrekar extensively because she is their girlfriend or from a powerful family, they are complete shameless liars, as she is just a lazy liar who is doing nothing, and has very powerful men making false claims on her behalf, after putting this webmaster under surveillance. Siddhi mandrekar, her boyfriends and relatives will claim that this website is owned by her to shower her with privileges and powers which she does not deserve at all, but actually the real webmaster who is exploited by greedy powerful men, controls the websites, and cheater siddhi mandrekar has no control at all, since she has not spent a single paisa on the website

Google and Tata are allegedly providing unlimited support to the ruthless greedy conwoman cheat siddhi mandrekar, to steal all communication belonging to webmaster, an indication of the true morals of these companies. On forums like webmasterworld, this webmaster has been told that Tata is offering bribes to give fake references of experience to conwoman siddhi mandrekar. Instead of punishing siddhi mandrekar for her false claims, the powerful officials in the Indian internet industry allegedly seem to worship her even more for cheating them in the worst manner, and are ready to do anything for the conwoman for duping them. Tata group is also allegedly bribing people to give fake references of experience to the master conwoman siddhi mandrekar and simulataneously threatening/bribing all the webmasters associates into not giving references to the webmaster . They have also indirectly cheated the webmaster, and stolen her savings of twenty years, which is a true indication of the ethics of this large busines group. This is a lonely struggle of a single woman against tata, google, siddhi mandrekar, her greedy family and friends

With such mediocre, inexperienced and dishonest fraud siddhi mandrekar, in charge of the Indian internet industry and others like sunaina, asmita patel, nayanshree hathwar and other brahmin women, who allegedly greedily takes credit without doing any work, or spending a single penny online thanks to her corrupt, greedy and dishonest boyfriends and family, the future of the internet in India is bleak . hence it is better for those who are not well connected to focus on offline work at home in India.

Why do so many powerful men in the Indian internet industry allegedly give so many powers and priviles to a dishonest inexperienced person like siddhi mandrekar, who has not spent a single paisa/penny online or does any work,allowing her to steal all emails, leads, orders of this webmaster? Can anyone solve this great mystery?? Resemblance to any real character is purely coincidental.

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