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Postcard writing work at home in india
Currently this is the most popular and legal handwriting work at home job in India. Theft of email leads is rampant in India, by powerful officials as a side income, particularly in the financial and internet sector. Small business owners whose leads and orders are stolen, have no redressal mechanism, as those stealing emails, giving the fake excuse of national security. Companies who email their clients with offers, often run the risk that their well connected competitor will access all the leads and orders, with almost no effort because they have the necessary "contacts".

The small business owner is handicapped twice, using electronic communication, they do not receive the leads and orders they have spent so much time to compile, and their competitors get these leads and orders free. So small business are using handwritten messages on 50 paisa postcards for communicating with their customers. If an email is missing the sender or recipient cannot question the theft of emails, since it is free. For postal communication, the sender or recipient can file a complaint under RTI, since every postal communication is paid usually by sender, but sometimes the recipient can also be made to pay.

For businesses with large volumes of postcards to be sent to customers, this work is outsourced to people interested in earning extra money at home. The vendor has to complete a handwriting test, and is then given postcards where the message is to be written. After completion of the message writing, the postcards have to be returned, and the vendor is paid in cash for the effort. Name and address of the company will be provided on request by email to or .

Online there is another company selling websites which offers handwriting work at home jobs, again sending postcards to a large number of people. However, they require a deposit for getting this work.

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