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Many crafting jobs where you pay for a kit are scams. Based on feedback posted  in various forums, some of the legitimate crafting work at home jobs are listed.

Disciple's Cross necklaces - assemble and sell necklaces, kit provided , have a buyback arrangement.  Beginners have to order a starting kit costing US$69.99 which contains material for assembling 25 kits and video instructions on how to assemble. Assembly of  a necklace takes 20-25 minutes initially but assembly reduces with practice to 6 to 10 minutes. Material for a single necklace costs about US$1.25 and be purchased directly from other sources like hardware stores.

 For buyback, the necklaces must meet their quality standards and Disciple's Cross (DC) pays about US$2.25 (many assemblers have reported high rejection rates for crosses).  Assemblers have directly retailed at flea market and retail shops for US$10 each. Buyback program is open only to US residents.


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Magical Gift Co. / New England Crafters (NEC) - they have 32 home assembly craft projects. Each project has a starter kit with detailed assembly instructions.  Fee paid for starter kit will be refunded for returns within 7 days less restocking charges. They also offer to exchange the kit with that of another project. NEC pays between US $1 -$2 per piece, according to the complexity of the project and also reimburses shipping costs. Finished products which are not gift shop quality are rejected.

In forums, assembler claim that acceptance of the projects may take some time. They have glue gun, painting, sewing, jewelry, clay, fiber and other projects. Since the crafts are marketed as handmade in USA, their projects are open only to US residents. Crafters cannot sell directly.

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