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Candle making is one of  the most popular work at home opportunities, with the average candle maker earning more than $25,000 a year. Most candle makers start off making candles as a hobby.  Hobby kits can be purchased online or at local craft stores. A hobby kit for making candles will include gel/wax, zinc or cotton wicks,  essential oil for fragrance and a liquid color dye. Embeds are optional. Making candles is time consuming but if you are artistic and can make candles which people like, it can be very lucrative home based business.

The cost of  starting a candle making business can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of  dollars depending on the type of  candles and the location. The basic requirements are:


1. a small workshop for melting wax and making the candles

2. Storage space for raw material and a cool storage space for the finished candles to ensure that they do not melt.

3. Double broiler and other utensils to melt, blend the waxes, wax additives in the mold. Wax is highly volatile and can catch fire easily, so it should be heated only in a double broiler. Fire extinguishers are required as a safety requirement.

4. Supplies for starting a candle making business are wax slabs or sheets, colors, stearic acid, wicks, lead, clay, release agents (silicon), containers .  By purchasing wax from a local supplier, you can save on freight.

Due to competition from imported, commercial and hobby candle maker, selling candles can be difficult. Successful candle makers use the following marketing techniques:

1. Initially make only a few types of  candles, which sell well during festivals like Christmas. Some amount of testing is required to develop a candle.

2. Develop exclusive candles, which are customized to suit local requirements

3.  Candles can sell quickly at  local craft fairs and flea markets.  Local retailers will also purchase candles made to their specifications. Salons and real estate agents may also purchase in bulk or sell on commission basis.

4. Exclusive candles may sell well, if you have your own website or on auction websites like eBay. Referral programs and online parties help in viral marketing. Pictures of  exclusive candles can also be sent to catalog companies.


Most soy candle business opportunity companies are multilevel marketing companies. Minimum investment can vary from $40 to more than $500 depending on the packages offered and the company. Some companies may require a monthly minimum purchase and offer a commission of upto 50% on sales.


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