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Courthouse researchers collect information from public records at a courthouse. This work is suitable for people working from home, since only have to visit the courthouse occasionally and timings are very flexible. Sometimes, they are reimbursed expenses incurred while traveling to the courthouse depending on the client.

The records may be stored in a computer, in books or on microfilm. In a few counties, the information is available online, but counties may charge a person for every document accessed. Depending on the project, the records may have to be entered into a software program or handwritten. Some researchers may have to input handwritten data at home.

Sunlark Research , Wolfgang Research (email: ), AMD Research , Guill Research, Dry Gulf, TMS, SMS, Public Knowledge Inc, Conrich Data, MailCo Productions Inc (email: ) are some of the companies employing courthouse researchers.  A researcher can work for multiple companies if  there is no conflict of  interest. It is advisable to check with the current employer before starting work elsewhere. Wolfgang Research pays  by check once every 2 weeks after an invoice has been submitted.

Courthouse researchers are usually paid on the basis of  records collected and for sparsely populated counties less information will be available. Initially fewer records may be collected on a visit to a courthouse, but experienced courthouse researchers compile up to  60 mortgage records per hour.  The number of  records collected can be increased by improving typing speed. For handwritten records, a shorthand code could be used. Searching for records from a microfilm takes more time than extracting information from computerized courthouse records.

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